Conference - Symposia


AS01-A114 Tejavath et al. 2023 The Importance of the Orbital Parameters for the Indian Summer Monsoon During the Mid-holocene, as Deciphered from Atmospheric Model Experiments 

EGU23-14988 Pramit Kumar Deb Burman, Supriyo Chakraborty, Amey Datye, Abida Choudhury, Milind Mujumdar, Pm Mohan, Nirmali Gogoi, Rajendra Trivedi, Dipankar Sarma, Abhijit Bora, and Neha Trivedi l. 2023 Identifying the convective and stratiform rainfall regimes using stable isotopic measurement  EGU General Assembly 2023, AS1.21 ( 

submitted to CL4.13 – Water isotopes as process tracers in the climate system: from turbulent eddies and clouds to paleoclimate archives 


Atryee Bhattacharya, S.Sarkar, J.S Leonard-Pingel, A.V. Michelson, Ambili Anoop, P.K.Mishra, S. Chakraborty, P. Sabale, K. Bajaj, V. Petryshyn, R. Ray, A. Bhattacharya and A. Bazaz 2021

Sediments in man-made reservoirs of western India preserve records of regional rainfall variability, AGU Fall Meeting. Session  PP45E: High-Resolution Sedimentary Archives and the Detection of Abrupt Environmental Changes II Poster  

Abirlal Metya, S. Chakraborty, Amey Datye, Yogesh K. Tiwari 2021 

Methane dynamics in an urban region of India by means of concentration and isotopic analysis during 2018-2020. OAGS


S. Chakraborty, Fousiya A. A, R. Chattopadhyay, Amey Datye, Asif M. Lone, H. Achyuthan 2021 Estimation of monsoon withdrawal date in southern India using the isotopic technique. Presented (online) at Water isotopes: From Weather to Climate, 15-17 November 2021. Organizing Committee: Harald Sodemann, University of Bergen, Norway Franziska Aemisegger, ETH Zürich, Switzerland Camille Risi, LMD/CNRS, France 

S. Chakraborty et al.  2021 Carbon source-sink characteristics of a semi-deciduous forest in northeast India; invited talk presented at Frontiers in Geoscience Research Conference, Physical Research Laboratory, 27-28 September (Online).


Chakraborty, S. P. K. Deb Burman, Nitesh Sinha, Subodh Saha and Nirmali Gogoi et al  2020 The linkage between the precipitation isotopes and biosphere-atmosphere interaction observed in northeast India. Poster presented at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting (virtual platform).

Chakraborty, S. et al. 2020 Eddy covariance and CRDS based techniques of GHGs measurements provide additional constraint in partitioining the net ecosystem exchange. Oral presentation at the European Geophysical Union EGU General Assembly 2020.

S. Chakraborty, 2020 Monsoon variability on millennium timescale using the climate proxies and model simulations. Indo-US Workshop on Paleoclimate Investigation, Climate Modeling and Community Engagement Symposium, held at IISER Mohali, 2-4 January 2020.

S. Chakraborty presented a paper “Carbon sequestration process of a semi-deciduous forest in Northeast India” on 17 December 2020 in a symposium TROPMET-2020 held on a virtual platform during 14-17 December 2020, 


Supriyo Chakraborty, Pramit K. Deb Burman, Dipankar Sarma, A. K. Karipot 2019 Biosphere-atmosphere exchanges of carbon, water, and energy at several natural ecosystems over India. Paper presented at National Space Science Symposium, held at Savitribai Phule Pune University during 29-31 January.


S. Chakraborty made oral presentation "Observation of greenhouse gases and estimation of eddy covarinace fluxes at urban and natural environments in India” in 11th GEOSS Asia Pacific Symposium held at Kyoto TERRSA during 24-26 October 2018. 

S. Chakraborty delivered an invited lecture at a Workshop on "A Multi-proxy lacustrine approach to Understanding the Climatic and environmental History in semi-arid western India (MUCH)" on 17 May 2018 at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.


S. Chakraborty  presented  a paper “Stable isotopes in precipitation and paleoclimatic archives in tropical areas to improve regional hydrological and climatic impact models”  during the Third Research Coordination Meeting of CRP F31004 on held at International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, Austria during 16-20, October 2017. 


S. Chakraborty, Sci-E was invited to become a resource person at the International Earth Science Olympiad School held at the

Department of Geology, Anna University and Chennai during 10-30 May 2016. He taught Oceanography on 11-13th May 2016.


Organised a workshop on "Eddy Covariance and GHG Flux Estimation" at IITM during Nov 7-12, 2016. The idea was to train young people involved in different aspects of Green House Gas (GHG) research in India. About 20 JRF and early career scientists having diverse background ranging from greenhouse gas emission in crops, agro-forestry, net ecosystem exchange, surface energy flux, etc from across the country participated in this workshop. Two eminent scientists specialized in Micro and Boundary Layer meteorology, Prof. K.T. Paw U, University of California at Davis and Dr. George Burba, Licor Biosciences, USA participated as resource person. Dr. Anand Karipot, SPPU also delivered a few lectures and demonstrated the use of various micro-meteorological sensors and data-loggers to the participants. All the workshop participants were given participation certificate.